Cortex, a small norwegian cattery

Cortex Aphrodithe

Aphrodithe is a medium sized female from our own cattery. She's a exciting cat with a great pedigree and an appearance that we really love.

She is daugther of SE* Idra Lynx Cream and CH (N) Stuetigerens Varg.

We're planning to mate Aphrodithe spring 2013. Take a look at our plans.

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Cortex Bumblebee

Bumblebee is a big yet young male cat from our own cattery. He is very caring, and loves everything and everyone. He has an exciting pedigree and a lot of good qualities we appreciate.

He is son of Stuetigerens Willow and GIC Chumalunga's Chariman Meaow.

Bumblebee is now chemically neutered.

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Stuetigerens Willow

Willow is a big and kind female. She's very talkactive and loves everybody.
She comes from Rikke Jensen, Stuetigerens, in Bergen, Norway.

She is the mother of our B-litter, and her son, Bumblebee, still lives together with us.

Willow is neutured.

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Cortex is a small homebased cattery in Asker in Akershus, Norway. The cattery is and will always be small with cats living with us like pets. We plan a maximum of 1-2 litters pr year, and each breeding cat will only be bred a few times. Our goal is to breed good typed Maine Coons with low inbreeding. If you want to read more about my thoughts around breeding you can click here.

Our prefix is registered in TICA

I hope you will enjoy my website and feel free to contact us.

Sunniva Bahlk
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