About Us

Stuetigerens Willow

Cortex is a small Maine Coon cattery. We want to keep the cattery small for numerous reasons. First, it’s important that each cat gets a lot of attention and that the dynamic in the group doesn’t get t disturbed by an unnaturally big population. We also want to keep the risks of disease as minimal as possible, and to maintain that low-risk it’s important to have a low number of cats. This also means that the litters born in this house is kept to a minimum and we plan 1-2 litters pr year, and we have no problems with waiting a few years between litters. Therefore there will be no rapid evolvement in this cattery, but each mating will be carefully thought trough and there will be a solid plan behind every litter born.

The thought behind it all is to breed cats with that special personality that makes a Maine Coon a Maine Coon. Their feral look and at the same time work with as low inbreeding as possible. I think the inbreeding is way too high and I will work towards lowering this number, but at the same time keep the breed’s character. I mean that this does not necessarily have to influence the look and features of the breed. It’s possible to be healthy and have the right look. It’s possible if you work towards your goal with a solid plan and genetics knowledge. To achieve my goal I use both showlines and foundation and outcross lines. The idea and dream is to get the best from both parties and I will end up with cats looking like a showcat, but very low inbreeding.

I set high standards for my cats. The general health should be at their peak and I will also test them for HD and MYBP3C gene. The background for the testing is that I would like to know as much as I can when I find partners for them. Cats that I don’t feel will contribute to the breed will be taken out of my breeding program and neutered. I think there should be a reason you use a specific cat in your breeding program. I work with a long term goal, and I think longer than just the next generation. This means that I only use breeding cats that I think will contribute to the breed in general, both health and temper. I always have a plan 1-2 generations ahead.

My prefix is registered in TICA, which is not the largest organization in Norway but it is most defiantly growing. I look forward to be a part of it, and contribute to make the organization bigger, and the breed’s development in Norway. In other words-there is a lot to look forward to.

I’m a girl in my middle of 20’s and I maintain this website and the cattery. I'm also the chairman of the bord i the norwegian Maine Coon Club, Maine Coon Lovers and Breeders. I’m a fulltime biology student. Nature and animals have always fascinated me and I love to learn. This also gives me an understanding of breeding in general, since evolution is a part of my studies. When you breed pets, you should have some knowledge about evolution, genealogy, disease, nutrition, physiology etc. My studies have been very useful to me working with cats.

My other hobbies are webdesign, programming, drawing, painting, photography and so on. I’m also the person behind niliv.net. An informative website about cats, genealogy and Maine Coon. My schedule is always full and I like it that way. If you want to know more about me, do not hesitate to contact me. It’s always nice to talk to others with the same interests. You’ll find my contact information on the bottom of this page.

- Sunniva Bahlk